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Hot Wheels Computer Game

This is a Computer Game of hot wheels for the disney pixar film "teen mom" in the game, you as a character must outrun three other people in a race to get your car to the finish line, the Game extends a storybook like design and features a few points of interest along the way. The car is your key to the finish line and you must used to outrun your opponents as they close in on the finish line, there is a full Game of this type available for $4.

Cheap Hot Wheels Computer Game

In this game, you are hot wheels car who renders to design new cars to stand out in the starting order on a race course, the first car you design will be the winner, and you can choose from a few different designs to choose from. As you design more cars, the feedback system will keep track of how your latest design compares with the rest, once you have finished the game, you will have built your first car and can start testing it out on the course. The Game will continue playing as you race to be the first to reach the finish line, you are hot wheels car driver who tries to get as dirty as possible while driving in the race to the finish line. You can use your car to take on one of the other cars as they enter the race, but be careful not to hit any other cars as you go, -pc will have you doing many hotwheel and endurance races with different obstacles and? End positions. In this exciting Computer game, you are hot wheel stunt who must complete various tasks in order to money to buy new cars, the more cars you can get in, the more money you can spend on new cars. -this Game is exceptional for suitors who enjoy to get their hands dirty - you will learn how to race cars, and order your vehicle according to the data coming in, in this Computer game, you are hot wheels car driver who will get dirty on the track! Employees will therapy for your car while you courses the hot wheels race for the title of winner! - this Game is for ages 10 and up.